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Release Date: 2023-09-19

Piano Department has piano major and non piano major teaching groups. Piano major group includes Professors Zhou Guangren, Li Qifang, Yang Jun, Wu Ying, Yang Ming, Bian Meng, Pan Chun, Du Taihang (Zhou Guangren, Li Qifang, and Yang Jun enjoy the national special allowance); Associate Professors You Xi, Sheng Yuan; Lecturer Zou Xiang; Teaching assistant Tong Bo; and teacher in internship, Tan Xiaotang. Non piano major group includes Associate Professors, You Xi, Chen Qilian; Lecturers, Zhang Zuoquan, Wei Xiaofan, Lin Ye, Ma Shaokang, Liu Xingchen, Yao Lan, Tong Wei; Teaching Assistants, He Yi, Zhiyuan Xingfang. In addition, six retired Professors, Chen Bigang, Guo Zhihong, Xie Huazhen, Huang Peiying, Tai Er, and Zhang Shigu (Associate Professor) are invited by the department to continue their teaching in piano department. These teachers constitute a national top class strong faculty team with continuous vitality on the development of piano teaching.

Currently, the piano department has 73 undergraduate students and 22 graduate students of piano major.

The faculty of piano department offers following courses: piano major private tutorial, chamber music, history of piano art, vocal accompany, piano pedagogy, piano performance and conducting, study on piano performance style, non piano major private tutorial, non piano major common lesson, improvisation accompany, etc.

During the five decades, the professors and students of piano department has won over 100 awards in the competitions worldwide. Today, the alumni of the department work and study in China and abroad. Many outstanding piano teachers teaching at CCOM (include college piano teachers, middle and high school piano teachers, and piano accompany teachers in other performance departments) are graduated from the piano department of CCOM.

The piano department was established in 1950. The first Chair was Zhu Shimin, Vice Chair was Yi Kaiji. In 1955, Yi Kaiji became the Chair and Zhu Gongyi was the chief of piano teaching group; in 1956, Zhou Guangren became the chief of teaching group. During the Culture Revolution, the piano department was called off until 1978. From then on, the former leaders include the third Chair Yi Kaiji, Vice Chairs Zhu Gongyi and Zhou Guangren (term of office: 1978-1982); the forth Chair Zhu Gongyi, Vice Chair Zhou Guangren and Pan Yiming (term of office: 1982-1986); the fifth Chair Zhou Guangren, Vice Chair Pan Yiming and Li Qifang (term of office: 1986-1992); the sixth Chair Yangjun, Chair Assistant and Vice Chair Yangming (term of office: 1992-2001); The seventh Chair Yangming, Vice Chair Panchun (term of office: 2001-2004). The present leading group includes Chair Wu Ying and Vice Chair Pan Chun (term of office: 2004- ).

The piano department has many academic exchange activities, such as piano maestros visiting the piano department, and giving lecturers and performances every year. Many faculty members of piano department also go out to give lectures and performances and are invited to serve on the judging panel of different international competitions. In addition, the students also have various art practice activities, for example, the department holds a student's recital per week.