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About Us

About the Central Conservatory of Music

Established in 1949 and merged with Lu Xun Academy of Arts and Literature in Yan'an, the National College of Music in Nanjing and several other music educational institutions in China, the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) is a specialized Chinese institution of higher education for nurturing high level music professionals. As China's only art academy listed among the national leading universities supported by the state "Project 211" and a national "Double-First" construction university directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education, the CCOM now consists of Departments of Composition, Musicology, Conducting, Piano, Orchestral Instruments, Traditional Chinese Instruments, and Voice and Opera, Music AI and Information Technology, as well as the Institute of Music Education, Violin Making Center, CCOM Middle School, Modern College of Music for Distant Learning, College of Continuing Education and Institute of Musicology, a Key National Base for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences designated by the Ministry of Education of China. It currently enrolls 1,474 undergraduate students, 642 graduate students and 197 doctoral students. Functioning as a national center of music education, composition, performance, research and social promotion of music, the CCOM is a world-renowned institute of music that represents the highest caliber of music education in China, offering a comprehensive range of specialized programs.

The CCOM is a magnet for musical talents from all over the world. During its over 70 years of development, it has proudly maintained a strong team of faculty and administrative staff, including a number of outstanding specialists and scholars in music education, composition, performance and research. Many aspiring young musicians have been attracted to further their professional training at CCOM. Dozens of thousands of talented music students, including hundreds of international students, have been successfully trained. Among them, many have become internationally renowned composers, musicologists, music educators, performing artists, as well as leaders and important members in specialized art and cultural institutions.

While carrying on the diverse music heritage of China, the CCOM is actively absorbing the essence of various music cultures across the world, embracing different artistic elements with an open mind. Facing a time of increasing opportunities, the CCOM will continue its efforts to become a world-leading conservatory with top-notch programs in music education, dedicated to preparing future generations of music professional leaders for the development of art in China, and to bringing China's vibrant music culture to the world.