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Liang Fayong


Liang Fayong, Doctor in polyphony, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Composition of the Central Conservatory of Music, deputy director of the Compositional Theory Teaching and Research Division, director of the Society of Composition and Compositional Theory of the China Musicians Association, and member of the Central Conservatory of Music Base of the China Literature and Arts Criticism. He finished his undergraduate study and became a faculty of Music Department at Shandong Normal University in 1999. In 2006 and 2013, he graduated from the Department of Composition of the Central Conservatory of Music, and received his master's degree and doctoral degree in polyphony under the tutelage of Ms. Yu Suxian, a music theorist, educator and composer. He was the deputy director of the College of Music and Dance of Yantai University (2013-2017) and the deputy director of the Composition Department of Tianjin Conservatory of Music (2017-2020).

Teaching and research: He has been engaged in polyphony teaching in colleges and universities since 1999. In the undergraduate teaching for polyphonic major, he focuses on the connection between theory and practice, and has guided the classes he teaches to present concerts of polyphonic teaching and research; in the undergraduate polyphonic teaching of co-curricular courses, he attaches importance to the combination with students' specialties; since 2022, he has also been engaged in the teaching of composition in electronic music-related undergraduate minor major. In his composition and graduate teaching, he emphasizes on the teaching of students' potentials and strengths, and at the same time focuses on graduate students' creative practice and academic research ability. The graduate students he teaches have been awarded the prize for the best composition in the 11th ConTempo Composition Competition of the Central Conservatory of Music, the Special Prize in the 3rd Ise-Shima International Composition Competition, the finalist and first place in the composition group on "Dali" theme in Dali Piano Festival, the second prize of the Central Conservatory of Music's second "Bud Cup" Children's Chorus Composition Competition, and the encouragement prize of the Central Conservatory of Music's first Chinese Music Criticism Competition for the student group. In terms of teaching and research, he has participated in the editing of the national planning textbook of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of General Higher Education "Comprehensive Analysis Course of Musical Techniques" (Editor-in-Chief: Yao Henglu); independently published the textbook "Polyphonic Music Composition Basics and Analysis Course", which was awarded the 2023 key project of high-quality undergraduate texbooks of Beijing Colleges and Universities in 2023; and published a teaching and research thesis in Journal of the Central Conservatory of Music, and so on.

Academic research: Published the monograph "Alexander Borisovich Goldenweiser's Polyphonic Music Collection for Piano (Counterpoint Exercises)"; doctoral dissertation "Sdudy on Kapustin's Piano Polyphonic Suites" was awarded "Central Conservatory of Music Scientific Research Subsidy Project" Publication Subsidy (to be published by the Central Conservatory of Music Publishing House in 2024). He has presided over and participated in nearly ten projects at various levels, and is a member of the group of the major project of the National Social Science Foundation of China in 2022, "Research on the "Chineseness" of Music Composition" (Project leader: Jia Guoping). So far, he has published more than twenty academic papers in Music Art, Journal of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Journal of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, and New Sound of Music, as well as review articles in People's Music, Opera, and Piano Art.

Music Composition: During his college years, two of his vocal compositions won awards in provincial competitions, and so far he has published more than forty works in publications such as Music Composition. Among them, the piano polyphonic work "Beijing Tune" was selected as "Palatino Children's Piano Works Competition Award Winning Outstanding Works"; in 2014, a concert of Liang's polyphonic works was held, and the concert was reported by "People's Music", Jiaodong Online website, Yantai TV and other media; in 2015, the duet "You and I" (lyrics by Wang Shu) was awarded the Original Works of Shandong Province Colleges and Universities Music Fundamental Skills Competition in 2015, as one of the main creators, he participated in the creation of the large-scale original song and dance epic "Flames of War in Jiao Dong" (lyrics by Qu Bo), which was performed at Yantai Poly Theater, and in 2017, the DVD of "Flames of War in Jiaodong" was published by Huanghai Digital Publishing House; in 2022, he composed the duet "There is such a group of people" (lyrics by Zhong Zi Ren Sheng) which was named as a finalist song in the "I Write Song for the Rocket Force" Activity sponsored by the Propaganda Bureau of Rocket Army's Political Work Department.