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Opera & Concert Hall

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Release Date: 2016-10-14

Situated in the east of the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) at No.43 Baojia Street in Xicheng District of Beijing, in proximity to Chang'an Avenue, the CCOM Opera & Concert Hall covers a land area of 3,000 square meters and a total floor area of 7,413 square meters with 3 floors above the ground and 2 floors underground. It is the first multi-functional Opera & Concert Hall in China, serving as a high-level venue for both opera and concert performances.

The CCOM Opera & Concert Hall features a proscenium stage which is 16 meters wide, 11 meters high and 21.9 meters deep, meeting the requirements for opera performances. It has a seating capacity of 690 consisting of stall seats and balcony seats. To suit the acoustic requirements, the stall seat area is designed in the shape of a bell to fit the functionality of a concert hall, and the balcony seat area in the shape of a horseshoe to the functionality of an opera house. The CCOM Opera & Concert Hall is the first of its kind in China that deploys cutting-edge concepts and techniques in the selection and construction of various finishing panels and pipes to achieve world-leading level of vibration isolation and sound insulation.

The Opera & Concert Hall features an auditorium and a stage designed with the inspiration of water ripples created by a water drop falling into a tranquil lake, a fan-shaped sloped ceiling of multi facets and carved walls designed like curves, creating an artistic effect of great power and beauty. In the near future, the CCOM Opera & Concert Hall will stand out as another performance venue in Beijing of extremely high functionality and artistic excellence.