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Yu Feng

President, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee

President of the Central Conservatory of Music, professor and Chair of Conducting Department at the Central Conservatory of Music, member of the Communist Party of China, delegate of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President of the China Conducting Association.

Born in July 1964, native of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Yu Feng studied in the Conducting Department of the Central Conservatory of Music from 1985 to 1991 and graduated with a Master of Art degree. From 1994 to 1996, he studied in the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler Berlin and graduated with the highest diploma-PhD degree in Conducting. Since June 1997, he served as the Chair of Conducting Department at CCOM and the Assistant President of CCOM. In February 2009, he was transferred to the China National Opera House and served as the President, the Art Director and the Principle Conductor of CNOH.

As a professor and the Chair of conducting department of the Central Conservatory of Music, Yu Feng founded the Chinese Modern conducting pedagogy, which won the second prize for the National Educational Science and Technology of China. As the president and artistic director of CNOH, he has set up high standards in innovation and excellence. He created events like 'International Opera Season,' 'Opera Gala,' etc. He led CNOH to perform world classic operas such as Turandot, Carmen, La Traviata, Madama Butterfly, Der Ring des Nibelungen, and the original Chinese operas such as Du Shiniang, Farewell My Concubine, the White-Haired Girl, Love Story of Rawap, Hongbang Tailor, etc. in abroad and at home.

Among these operas conducted by Yu Feng, the Chinese original opera Farewell My Concubine won the 13th 'Wenhua Prize 'in the national governmental art award selection; the Love Story of Rawap won the 'Excellent Play Award' in the first National Art Group Joint Performance Congregation organized by the Ministry of Culture; Thannhauser won the 'Excellent Performance Award' in the same event and an 'Outstanding Performance Award' in the first National Opera Festival; the original opera, Hongbang Tailor, with Yu Feng as the artistic director and scriptwriter, won the 'Excellent Award' in the 13th Five Best Ones Project of China. He was awarded many honors, such as the State Council Special Allowance Recipient, Outstanding Teacher of the Nation, Beijing Capital May 1st Badge for Excellence in Work, CPC Publicity Department Talent Award and Outstanding Artist of the Ministry of Culture, etc.

Responsibilities: Comprehensive Administration Work, Human Resource, Audit, Continuing Education, Distance Education, Grade Examination for Social Music Education, Publication and Assets Management and administration.

Departments in Charge: President's Office, Human Resource Department, Audit Office, College of Continuing Education, College of Distance Education, Grade Examination Committee, Directory Committee of Music Education, Three Centers (Center for the Performing Arts, Center for composition and Institute of Musicology), Zhongyin (Beijing) Asset Management Co., LTD., Central Conservatory of Music Press.

Contact departments: Composition Department, Orchestra Department.