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Yu Hongmei

Secretary of the Party Committee

Born in Jinan, Shandong Province,in 1971, member of the Communist Party of China (CPC), she is currently the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music. Admitted to the middle school affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music in 1984, she graduated with a master's degree in 1996 and became a faculty of the CCOM in the same year. She has been the secretary of the general branch of the party and director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Music, vice President of the Central Conservatory of Music. As a renown erhu artist and educator, she is also the chairwoman of the Huqin Committee of the Chinese National Orchestral Music Society, a council member of the Chinese Musicians’ Association, and the vice chairwoman of the National Bowed String Music Society. Visiting Professor at Bard College, USA.

She was selected for the National Project of One Million Talents, awarded the title of "Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions", selected as one of the "Four Groups of Talents" and Leading Talents of "Ten Thousand People Plan" in Philosophy and Social Sciences by the Central Propaganda Department. She was awarded by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Beijing Committee and supported by the Beijing Cultural High-level Talent Cultivation Program to set up the "Yu Hongmei Studio of Chinese Bowstring Music". Organized and established the first batch of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Inheritance Bases (Chinese folk music) by the Ministry of Education. She is the chief expert of the 2019 National Social Science Foundation of China's major project on art, "Research on the Inheritance and Development of New Music Genres of Chinese Instrumental Music in P.R.C." and was awarded the title of "Outstanding Graduate Student Supervisor of Beijing Municipality" in 2022. Her students have won many gold medals in major competitions at home and abroad.

The winner of the Pro Musicis International Award, the 4th China Golden Record Award, the Best World Music Prize at the international“Indie Awards”representing the independent music industry, the 10th Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation Outstanding Young Teacher Award, the Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award, the Ministry of Education's Best Traditional Music Award, and the Ministry of Education's "New Century Talent Funding Programme", "Gardeners Award" in "Wenhua Art School Award" of the Chinese traditional Instrumental Competition by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Chinese Outstanding Traditional Instrumentalist in the Sixth "New Interpretation Cup". She has performed more than 100 solo concerts and important performances in famous concert halls all over the world, such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Champs Elysées Theatre in France, etc. She has also premiered many contemporary classical erhu works.

Responsibilities: Overall work of the Party Committee, Competent Cadres, United Front Work, Building of Community-level Party organizations, Academic Affairs Committee, Theoretical study of the Party Committee Central Group.

Departments or Units in Charge: Party Committee Office, Party Committee Organisation Department (Party School), Party Committee United Front Work Department, Music Confucius Institute Office, Alumni Association

Contact Department: Music Education Institute