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About Us

Liu Chunmei

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the commission for discipline inspection of Party Committee

Born in Jinzhou city, Liaoning Province in November 1964, member of the Chinese Communist Party, Manchu, Doctor of Arts, Researcher.

In 1982, she was admitted to Beijing Broadcasting Institute (now The Communication University of China) and majored in Literary Editor. She served successively as director of the office of the party committee (and vice minister of the united front work department), minister of the publicity department of the party committee, deputy secretary of the commission for discipline inspection and director of the supervision department (concurrently secretary of the party committee of department).In July 2018, she was appointed deputy secretary of the CPC at Central Conservatory of Music and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.

She is mainly engaged in party affairs, discipline inspection and supervision, research of film and television arts, and drama. She has presided over and participated in the research project on The Effect of Anti-corruption Propaganda in Education System since the 18th National Congress of the CPC by the Ministry of Education, and “The Prevention and Control Mechanism of Corruption Risk in Key Areas of Universities and Colleges, the major project of 12th five-year Plan of Beijing. The Theatrical Music Elements on the Construction of Art Language of Film and Television, New media Era of Chinese Theatre and other articles published in Contemporary Film, Modern Communication.

Responsibilities: Discipline Inspection and Supervision

Departments in charge: Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office

Contact departments: Department of Musicology, Violin Making and Research Center.