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Cross-cultural Journey of Chinese Music--Youth Musicians Delegation of CCOM Return Home with Honor from the Festival Young Artists Bayreuth in Germany

Appointed by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarter and invited by the Festival Young Artists Bayreuth, the Institute of Musicology and Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM co-organized a Youth Musicians Delegation of CCOM to participate in the 67th Festival Young Artists Bayreuth from August 13 to August 22, 2017, at Bayreuth in Germany. The Youth Musicians Delegation consists of 10 outstanding young teachers and excellent students of Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM. Additionally, the delegation also includes the teachers of department Zhang Liuyin and Wang Ying as the leaders of the delegation, teacher Xia Ran of CCOM library as the translator and liaison in Germany. In the Journey, CCOM Youth Musicians Delegation presented two special concerts, joined two "Silk Road" concerts, and participated in an event of "14th Bayreuth Cultural Conversation." Ms. Maria Bohmer, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, attended the event and delivered a speech.

The Festival Young Artists Bayreuth was founded in 1950 with the financial support of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. In Bayreuth, the famous "festival city," this festival provides a unique venue combining sociality and artistry for young artists from all over the world every summer.The theme of this year's festival was "Roots to the Future." There were total 450 participants from 30 countries who joined the festival. In the repertories of two special concerts presented by CCOM Youth Musicians Delegation, there were not only some traditional pieces, such as Ambush on All Sides(Shimian Maifu), Eave Bells in the Wind(Fengyu Tiema), Tune from Jin Region(Jin Diao); but also contemporary pieces, such as Forest and  Spring(Lin Quan), the Rain in My Heart(Xinyu), etc.. Through these Chinese music, we strove for showing profound Chinese traditional music culture and the "Chinese Dream" of Chinese young musicians to the world.

In August 15 and 16, CCOM Youth Musicians Delegation held two special concerts at Speinshart Monastery and Holy Trinity Church in Bayreuth which caught great attention. The beautiful oriental melody with thousand-year history echoed in the medieval buildings. The perfect sound effect conquered the audience of the "festival city." All audiences stood up and warmly applauded to express their love on Chinese national music and their praise on musicians' excellent playing skills.

one of the special concerts of CCOM Youth Musicians Delegation

CCOM Youth Musicians Delegation had another significant task on this journey. With the instruction of Dr. Vladimir Ivanoff, the music director of Festival Young Artists Bayreuth, CCOM Youth Musicians Delegation cooperated with young musicians from Germany, Tunisia, Syria to hold two "silk road" joint concerts in August 19 and 20. Our musicians, with German young sax player Niko Seibold and Tunisian young Oud player Fadhel Boubaker together, also conducted a workshop in which they explored the possibility of playing jazz music and Arabic music with Chinese traditional instruments. Our musicians also played two new compositions, A Journey to My Heart and Lapislazuli, composed by Niko Seibold and Fadhel Boubaker for the "silk road" concert. In the concert, played by Chinese instruments, the exotic melody sounded naturally harmonious. All audiences felt that the distance on culture and music between Far East and Near East was not far away at all!

                                                                                         Silk Road Concert

                                                                                Chinese instruments workshop and rehearsals

The visit of CCOM Youth Musicians Delegation in Bayreuth achieves a successful result which provides an international platform for the exchanges of teachers and students and makes strong contributes to "Chinese traditional and national music going out."


by Xia Ran/photo:Zhou Tingting/translation:Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2017-09-29

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