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Chamber Music Group of CCOM Traditional Instruments Department Highly Appraised at the Young Euro Classic Music Festival

For celebrating the 45 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, invited by the Young Euro Classic Music Festival, a chamber music group of Traditional Instruments Department of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing was sent to Berlin by CCOM from August 11 to 17, 2017 to participate in the YEC event. The group consisted of five outstanding students of CCOM Traditional Instruments Department. The students of CCOM presented a joint-concert of chamber music with German teachers and students in Berlin Music Hall and their performance was highly appraised by the audiences.

As an 18-year history music festival with a long standing reputation in Europe, the Young Euro Classic was established in 2000. The joint-concert draw great attention from German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Ralf Kleindiek, the State Secretary of Germany's Federal Ministry and was interviewed and reported by a number of important German media, including the Official Website of German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berliner Zeitung, Tagspiegel and other local television stations, and the international channel of CCTV.

Professor Thomas Ludes of the Folkwang Music Academy in Essen was the conductor and Ms. Hu Shengnan, alumna of CCOM, was the percussionist and artistic director of the concert. Young Euro Classic Ensemble China-Germany, the performing group of this joint-concert, consisted of 5 CCOM students (Chen Simi, Zhang Jiakang, Ji Jin, Liu Surui, Feng Piaoyang) and German young musicians and students from music academies in Berlin. In the concert, on one hand, our students dedicated three authentic Chinese traditional music compositions (Little Song from Henan Province, Moonlight on the Spring River, Beautiful Flowers under a Full Moon) to the audiences in Berlin and were well-received and won warmly applause from the audiences; on the other hand, CCOM composition teacher Zou Hang was commissioned by the Festival to arrange several classical pieces of Bach, Mozart and Schumann for the joint ensemble of Chinese traditional instruments and Western classical instruments. Through 6 days intensive and enjoyable rehearsal, our students and other young musicians from Berlin displayed the beauty of Western classical chamber music by the joint ensemble of Chinese and Western instruments.

In between the rehearsals and performance, organized by the festival, our students visited Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin (English: Berlin Musical Instrument Museum), Berlin Philharmonie and Hochschule fur Musik Hans Eisler Berlin (English: Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin). Dr. Dieter Rexroth, the well-renowned musician and Artistic Director of Young Euro Classic, put forwarded his expectation on this joint-concert in the course of the rehearsal: the performance is not only the fusion of Eastern and Western music, but also a good opportunity for the young musical talents from two sides to encounter and exchange on music, culture and thoughts. In line with his expectation, our youth and German youth had a better understanding to each other and deeper communication on German classical music culture in their visiting, rehearsing and performing activities.



by Wang Yiqun,etc./translation:Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2017-09-04

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