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The Film Music of The Cairo Declaration by Ye Xiaogang Selected as one of the Best Scores of 2016 by Film Music Magazine

Recently, the film music of The Cairo Declaration composed by Ye Xiaogang, the Vice President of CCOM, the Chairman of Chinese Musicians Association and the well-renowned Chinese composer, was selected as one of the Best Scores of 2016 by Film Music Magazine in the United States. Other films selected as the Best Scores of 2016 include Doctor Strange, Moana, etc.

The Film Music Magazine is one of the most influential and authoritative film magazines whose annual Best Scores Award represents the taste on art and aesthetics of American top film critics.

The following is the review on film music of The Cairo Declaration written by Daniel Schweiger, the Film Music Magazine critic:

East meets west in the sumptuous teaming of Chinese composer Ye Xiaogang ("Shower") and the scoring debut American Chad Cannon (an orchestrator for Howard Shore and Alexandre Desplat) with "The Cairo Declaration" (Movie Score Media), a gorgeously soaring, red-flag waving WW2 score about the Allies teaming with China to stop the Japanese advance in the South Pacific. From the sweeping, Oriental rhythms of its main theme to the dark brass of enemy invaders, the patriotic march of Chairman Mao's resistance and the heart-rending melody of live sacrificed to protect the motherland. Above all, it's an impressively epic score that firmly declares its love for sweeping melodies a la John Barry, let along any Hollywood film from the WW2 ear worthy of its nobly symphonic salt for two composers signaling their thematic talents.

Daniel Schweiger

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of The Cairo Declaration

Composer: Ye Xiaogang, Chad Cannon
Label: MovieScore Media
CD number: MMS16006
Release date: 04/08/2016

by Guo Hai'ou/translation:Wang Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2017-01-10

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