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CCOM Professor Tang Jianping's Original Opera "Reverend Jianzhen's Mission to the East" has its world premiere solemnly in Tokyo

On the evening of December 20, 2016, Reverend Jianzhen's Mission to the East, a grand opera composed by Professor of CCOM Tang Jianping, had its world premiere solemnly in the Orchard Hall of Tokyo in Japan. There were no empty seats in Orchard Hall which could accommodate 2150 audiences simultaneously. The honored guests attending the premiere included Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua, Japan former Prime Ministers Yukio Hatoyama and Yasuo Fukuda, the Vice President of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (Jimintō) Koumura Masahiko, the guests from Mainichi Shimbun, the governor of Nara as well as Japanese people from all walks of life and Chinese people or students who live in Japan.

Before the opera started, the sponsor of Jiangsu Province and Mainichi Shimbun held a press conference. Professor Tang Jianping and the Director of the opera Xing Shimiao presented at the conference and accepted interviews by Chinese and Japanese reporters. Professor Tang also attended the welcome party and had communication with guests.

The opera Reverend Jianzhen's Mission to the East premiered successfully. Over 2000 audiences applauded warmly for the touching music and wonderful performance. Especially on the second half of the opera, when Japanese monk Rongrui passed away, Jianzhen became blind and his disciple Jingkong left him, the wonderful music, including long segments aria and recitativo with dynamic impact, soulful nostalgia, made the audience applauding irresistibly.

After the performance of opera Reverend Jianzhen's Mission to the East, the honored guests and all performers took a group picture on the stage. Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua and two former Prime Ministers highly praised the opera and believed that the opera would certainly touch the hearts of the people in coming performances.

It is reported that opera Reverend Jianzhen's Mission to the East would be performed each two times in Nara and Kyoto respectively.

edit & translation:Wang Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-12-28

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