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CCOM Professor Hao Weiya's Original Opera Su Wu of the Han Dynasty Wins Wenhua Award

The original opera Su Wu of the Han Dynasty, composed by the Professor of Composition Department of CCOM Hao Weiya, won Wenhua Award in the 10th China Art Festival. The opera was produced by Shannxi Song and Dance Troupe. The supporting staff includes Dang Xiaohuang (librettist), Chen Wei (director), Feng Xuezhong and Zhang Shao (conductors), Liu Kedong (stage designer), Xing xin (lighting designer), Zhang Jiajia (piano accompanist). The cast of the opera include Mi Dongfeng, Xue Haoyin, Peng Kangliang, Zhang Haiqing, Zhou Xiaolin, Hao Meng, etc.


In the 10th China Art Festival, Wen Hua Award, as a national-class government award for performing arts issued by the Ministry of Culture, has been downsizing the numbers of the awards from over 200 down to rarely 20 (10 for plays and 10 for performing artists). Therefore, the value of the award-winning play in this Festival has been greatly enhanced.


Since the premier of Su Wu of the Han Dynasty in August 2013, the opera won a number of awards, including the Best Works Award issued by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC; Excellent Play Prize, Excellent Librettist Prize, Excellent Music Composition Prize, Excellent Director Prize, Excellent Performance Prize of the 2nd China Opera Festival. In addition, the opera toured Shanghai, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chengdu in 2015.


The Wen Hua Award Selection is the first time of award selection after the reform of the Central government on the literary and art awards selection. It gathered the latest works composed by artists all over the country in recent years. The winning-award works have profound connotation in the themes and exquisite performance on artistic expression which represented the high artistic level of our country.


the President's Office/translation:Wang Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-12-22

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