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The Wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Rosmah Mansor Visits the Middle School of CCOM

On the morning of November 2 at 10:30, 2016, Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, and her entourage visited the Middle School of CCOM.

Ms. Rosmah's entourage consisted of wives of important Malaysian government officials, including Foreign Minister of Malaysia, Minister of Cultivation and Former Industry of Malaysia, Malaysian Ambassador to China, Chief Minister of Malacca State, Chief Minister of Terengganu State, Minister of Sarawak State, etc.

Ms. Zhao Shumei, the wife of Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang, Officials of the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President of CCOM Yu Feng, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCOM Guo Shulan, Director of International Affairs Office of CCOM Liu Hongzhu, Principal of the Middle School of CCOM Na Mula, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Middle School of CCOM Shi Haibin, Vice Principals of the Middle School of CCOM Wang Shaowu and Chang Ping attended the meeting.

The delegation of Malaysia paid great attention to this visit in Middle School of CCOM. Before the visit, a number of Malaysian diplomats came to CCOM Middle School several times to discuss the details of this visit and learn more information about school's educational characteristics, academic exchange with abroad, etc. In Malaysia, Ms. Rosmah Mansor is committed to the improvement on the education development and medical conditions for women and children as well as the promotion of their social status. She strongly believes that children are an important asset for the nation. They will lay a firm foundation for national growth, productivity, social cohesion and peace. Through the PERMATA programme, she mainly works on the education, health and medical development of teenagers. Ms. Rosmah hoped to enhance the cooperation with the Middle School of CCOM on many aspects, such as three to six month exchange visits combining with teaching and performing projects among teachers and students. She encouraged Malaysian students to study Chinese language and instruments, and also welcome Chinese students to learn Malaysian instruments and culture. At the meeting, Ms. Rosmah stated that the exchange between countries should not only limited at the meeting on government level, but also started with the cultivation of young people. We should cultivate their awareness of the outside world, acceptance of diversity of knowledge, broad vision, and teach them to study and understand other cultures with an open mind. By the end of the meeting, Ms. Rosmah invited the leaders, teachers and students of CCOM Middle School to visit Malaysia at a proper time and discus further the cooperation projects.

The President of CCOM Yu Feng stated that he admired Ms. Rosmah Mansor, especially the women and youth national programme under the support of Ms. Rosmah. He particularly appreciated the support of Ms. Roshmah on the cooperation projects of performing arts. President Yu pointed out that the leaders of CCOM Middle School had rich experiences on international communication and joint school-running. Therefore, we were also willing to have a further discussion on the cooperation and exchange plan proposed by Ms. Roshmah.

After the meeting, the leaders of CCOM Middle School accompanied Ms. Roshmah to have a campus tour. They visited students in the practice room and listened their music playing. They went to the quiet and comfortable library. By the end, they attended a concert of CCOM Juvenile Chorus, CCOM Juvenile Chinese Orchestra and CCOM Juvenile Orchestra in the Concert Hall of the Middle School of CCOM. The program of the concert included Chinese song "Where is the Spring?" Congo folk song "Si Si," Malaysian folk song "Rasa Sayang," Xijiang folk song "Give Me a Rose," Yunnan folk song "the little Running River" and the fourth movement of Symphony No. 9 by Dvorak. Ms. Roshmah enjoyed the concert very much, and highly praised students' excellent performance skills and the high level of music education in CCOM Middle School. President Yu also stated proudly that among the same age children, these students were the most talented ones and the orchestra was one of the best juvenile orchestras on world-class. After the concert, Ms. Roshmah Mansor and President Yu Feng exchanged their gifts on the stage. Then, they talked to these young musicians and took group picture with all visiting guests.

Ms. Roshmah, the wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, and her entourage had a successful visit in the Middle School of CCOM. Both sides held a very cordial and positive talk which opened up the door of friendship for the cooperation between the schools of two countries and the academic communication between the teachers and students in these schools in the future.


Middle School of CCOM/translation:Wang Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-11-11

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