CCOM Brass and Woodwind Students Win Prizes in the 2nd Asian Woodwind & Brass Competition

From August 16 to August 21, 2016, the students of Orchestral Instruments Department of CCOM won a number of prizes in the 2nd Asian Woodwind & Brass Competition which was held at Taejon in South Korea. The Competition was hosted by Asian Woodwind & Brass Confederation and attracted a total of over 500 participants from China, Japan and South Korea. The list of solo winners is as followed:

Oboe Solo (University Group)

The First Place: Du Guanhua (Advisor: Wei Weidong)
The Second Place: Zhao Han (Advisor: Bai Yu)
The Third Place: Liu Hanlin (Advisor: Wei Weidong)

Bassoon Solo (University Group)

The First Place: Yang Bo (Advisor: Li Lansong)
The Second Place: Yuan Yuxuan (Advisor: Li Lansong)

In this Competition, the ensembles of CCOM students also achieved delightful results. The list of group winners is as followed:

Piano Trio, the First Place

Oboe: Du Guanhua
Bassoon: Yuan Yuxuan
Piano: Li Yang

Advisors: Li Lansong; Wei Weidong

Brass Quintet, the First Place

Trumpet I: Bai Feilong
Trumpet II: Luo Hongru
French Horn: Li Zuoxuan
Tuba: He Wentao
Trombone: Chen Zhongyue

Advisor: Xiao Kaiwen

Brass Quintet, the Second Place

Trumpet I: Zhou Yifei
Trumpet II: Xie Yuying
French Horn: Li Zuoxuan
Tuba: Han Xu
Trombone: He Junhong

Advisor: Xiao Kaiwen

Trumpet Duet, The Second Place

Trumpet I: Bai Feilong
Trumpet II: Jiang Chengzhi

Advisor: Xiao Kaiwen

The Associate Professor Wei Weidong won the Outstanding Teacher Award in this Compeition.



by He Nan/translation:Wang Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-09-28

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