Series Concerts of Center for the Exchange and Experience of Chinese and Foreign Music Cultures Held at CCOM

Recently, Romanian pianist Matei Rogoz's Piano Recital and violinist Gabriel Croitoru's Violin Concert Tour in Beijing were held at CCOM. The concerts were cosponsored by Romanian Cultural Institute in Beijing and Center for the Exchange and Experience of Chinese and Foreign Music Cultures of CCOM (Center).

On the evening of March 29, 2016, as an activist on the international musical stages, Dr. Matei Rogoz held a splendid recital at Recital Hall 501, Academic Building, CCOM. Featuring a combination of traditional and modern pieces, Matei Rogoz's music not only seized the inherence and balance of classicism, but also expressed the passion and appeal of modern works. The audience were fully enchanted by the music and requested for encores.

On the afternoon of April 26, the well-known Romanian violinist Gabriel Croitoru played a number of classic duo pieces of Johannes Brahms, César Franck, Ciprian Porumbescu, etc. in collaboration with pianist Horia Mihail on a classical violin which was made in 1730. The full-bodied timbres, profound and passionate musical style fully captivated the audience and received warm and long applauses.

Mr. Constantin Lupeanu, Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute and Prof. Liu Yuening, Director of the Center attended the concerts and delivered welcoming addresses. The concerts attracted nearly 400 audiences to the spot including envoys from the Romanian Embassy and people from CCOM and outside.


MCI Office of CCOM/photo:Zhang Le, Xu Rui , CCOM , 2016-05-04

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