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President Wang Cizhao Attends the Press Conference of BNP Paribas "Rising Star" Piano Festival

On the morning of April 10th, 2013, the President of the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) Wang Cizhao attended the Press Conference of BNP Paribas "Rising Star" Piano Festival Held at China World Hotel. The attendants also included Mr. Laurent Couraudon, Country Head and Chairman of BNP Paribas China, Mr. Paul-Arnaud Pejouan, Artistic Director of the Festival Piano aux Jacobins, Mr. Liu Hongzhu, Director of Foreign Affairs of CCOM, Mr. Wu Ying, Chairman and Professor of the Piano Department of CCOM, and Mr. Muye Wu, a famous pianist who studied in France, etc.

The Festival is initiated and sponsored by BNP Paribas China and the BNP Paribas Foundation, and held in cooperation with CCOM in Beijing. As an important cultural event for BNP Paribas in China, the Festival is designed to discover the rising stars of China's most talented crop of young pianists and provide them with a platform on which to showcase their abilities as the "rising stars" of the piano world.

In November 2012, after an intense selection and evaluation process led by international music experts and CCOM professors, there were seven outstanding students from CCOM, including Dai Bo, Li Siqian, Yang Xiaoyong, Li Shuman, Lu Yao, Hao Yilei and Deng Xiyu, emerged. They are the rising starts of Chinese piano field, representing the highest standard in piano in China. Each of them will give a solo concert in this Festival. Mr. Muye Wu and seven CCOM students make up a strong performance schedule for the Festival.

At the Press Conference, the President Wang Cizhao emphasized that an artist's growing needs the strong support from two aspects of art education and promotion. He stated that, as one of the top professional music education institutions in China, as well as the cooperator of this event, the Central Conservatory of Music hope that these students will have opportunities to hone and display their skills. Furthermore, we hope that the opportunities will introduce these young Chinese pianists to the world and help them move out onto the broader international stage. He thanked the BNP Paribas' vision to build such a platform for young Chinese pianists.

The Chairman Laurent Courandon stated that, BNP Paribas has shown great enthusiasm in promoting China's cultural development and hopes to share its passion for culture with the broadest audience possible. He said that "We know a lot of talented young musicians in China. We hope to provide them with the opportunity to show their talent through such activities. I believe that will be the starting point of their shine on the international stage."

The Artistic Director Paul-Arnaud Pejouan also expressed that he is happy to see the new music sprit of China through these young pianists' talented performances. He hoped that the "Rising Star" Piano Festival is a great platform to bring these young Chinese pianists onto the international stage." 


Office of International Affairs/edited by Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2013-04-15

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