2016 The Second CCOM International Clarinet Festival - BEIJING

To improve the development of clarinet art and the exchange of clarinet players in China, the Second CCOM International Clarinet Festival will be held in Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing from July 24 to July 28, 2016. The clarinet players, teachers and students of music conservatories, professional orchestras and ensembles will participate into the gathering from France, Italy, the United States, Singapore, Taiwan and Mainland of China.

The Festival is hosted by the Central Conservatory of Music and organized by the Orchestral Instruments Department of CCOM.
Chair of the Organization Committee: Yu Feng
Director of the Organization Committee: Zhao Ruilin
Deputy Director of the Organization Committee: Yu Mingqing, Tong Weidong, Li Lansong
Artistic Consultant: Tao Cunxiao, Huang Yuanfu
Artistic Director: Yuan Yuan
Secretary General: Wang Tao
Deputy Secretary Genneral: He Nan
Director Assistant: Gao Peiru, Zhao Chen, Gao Kun

The following well-renowned clarinetists are invited to join the concerts and masterclasses of the Second CCOM International Clarinet Festival:
French Clarinetist Paul Meyer
Czechic Clarinetist Milan Rericha
Italian Clarinetist Corrado Giuffredi
Principal Clarinet of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra Ma Yue
Taiwan Clarinetist Chen Weiling
Associate Principal Clarinet of Toronto Symphony Orchestra Zhai Yaoguang
Chinese Clarinetist living in USA Gao Yuan

Other invited participants come from following schools and music troupes: Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, China National Symphony Orchestra, China Philharmonic Orchestra, National Ballet of China, China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, China National Opera House, Military Band of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Music School of Minzu University of China, School of Arts of Renmin University of China, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Xi'an Conservatory of Music, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Nanjing University of the Arts, Jilin University of Arts, Shanxi Art Vocational Academy, Xinjiang Arts University, Shenzhen Arts School.    

The Organization Committee of the Festival will hold clarinet exhibition and invite renowned clarinet brands factories from abroad and at home to participate in the exhibitions.

by Yuan Yuan/translation:Wang Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-05-24

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