Ninth Asia Pacific Symposium on Buddhist Music Held in CCOM

The Ninth Asia Pacific Symposium on Buddhist Music was held in the Central Conservatory of Music from May 9th to 10th, 2016. The Symposium was hosted by CCOM, organized by Buddhist Music and Culture Research Center of CCOM, co-organized by China Religious Culture Publisher, Institute of Northeast Asian Music in South Korea, Journal of CCOM, Modern Distance Music Education College of CCOM and Institute of Musicology of CCOM. A total of 37 scholars from Mainland of China, Hang Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan submitted papers to The Symposium and 33 participants gave their presentations.

On the morning of May 9th, The Symposium kicked off in room 717 of Teaching Building. Professor Yuan Jingfang presided at the opening meeting. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CCOM Miao Jianhua delivered her speech first. She recalled previous symposiums since the First China-South Korea Symposium on Buddhist Music in 2003 and emphasized the profound significance of this academic event. She stated further that, the participating scholars came from wider areas and the topics of previous symposiums were more extensive in the past symposiums. A stable academic group with high level standard has been formed based on over decade development of this international academic event. At last, the Deputy Secretary Miao wished that this academic symposium would achieve successful results again and appreciated the active participation of all scholars from different countries and regions, and expressed her special thanks for all the hard works done by Professor Yuan Jingfang and her team in the process of preparing the symposium.

The Symposium consists of six sessions from the morning of May 9th to the noon of May 10th. From the first session to the sixth session were held respectively by the following scholars: Yuan Jingfang, Choi Heon (South Korea), Choi Heon (South Korea), Zhou Yun, He Yunfeng, Fu Murong. After the second session, Jingdu Beiyun Chanyue She(Beijing North Style Zen Music Society) presented a Buddhist music recital for all participating scholars.

At noon of May 10th, the Ninth Asia Pacific Symposium on Buddhist Music was completed successfully. Before the end of the meeting, Professor Yuan Jingfang made a conclusive speech about the symposium. She made her comments on this year's symposium and raised more expectations on the aspects of the range of topics, the composition of research scholars and the quality of theories related to the Buddhist music and cultural studies. Then, Professor of Pusan National University of South Korea Choi Heon introduced their preparing plans about the Tenth Asia Pacific Symposium on Buddhist Music which would be held at Seoul of South Korea in 2017.

text and photo by Xu Rui/translation:Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-05-17

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