Opening Ceremony of Third China International Violin Making & Bow Making Competition Held in Beijing

Hosted by China Musical Instrument Association and Central Conservatory of Music, co-organized by Pinggu Music Village Management Committee in Beijing, Research Center of Violin Making of CCOM, and Chinese Violin Maker Association, the Opening Ceremony of Third China International Violin Making & Bow Making Competition was held solemnly at the exhibition hall of Music Valley Exhibition Center of Pinggu District in Beijing on the afternoon of May 6, 2016.

The VIP guests of the opening ceremony included: President of CCOM Yu Feng, Vice President of CCOM Zhou Haihong, Chairman of the Competition Jury Zheng Quan, Board Chairman of CMIA Wang Shicheng, District Chief of Pinggu Jiang Fan, Director of Music Village Management Committee Qin Haibin, Cultural Counselor of Italian Embassy Stefania Stafutti, and other Jury members of the Competition. The reporters from People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, CCTV Music Channel, Beijing TV, Beijing Youth Daily, the Beijing News, Music Weekly, China Daily,, etc. more than 30 media attended the Ceremony.

Mr. Wang Shicheng, the Board Chairman of CMIA, made the first speech. He introduced some basic information of this Competition. The Jury of the Competition consists of three groups of judges: Violin Making group, Bow Making group, and Musician group. The 18 jury members are internationally renowned violin makers, bow makers and string players who come from China, Italy, France, Germany, the United States, and Australia. Chinese violinist Lv Siqing, American violist Nokuthula Ngwenyama, and Australian cellist Markus Stocker are among the judges of musician group. Chinese violin making master Zheng Quan is the Chairman of the Jury. The senior statesman of Italian violin making industry Gio Batta Morassi and Chinese renowned violinist Sheng Zhongguo were invited to serve as the Honorary Chairmen of the Jury. 

Over 200 instrument makers from 9 countries and regions, including China, South Korea, Hungary, Australia, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Hong Kong of China, and Taiwan of China, entered the Competition with 377 works. These exquisite instruments would bring us the enjoyment of art.

In the speech by the President of CCOM Yu Feng, on behalf of CCOM, he expressed his thanks to all supporters of the Competition and warmly welcomed all the judges and competitors from all over the world. President Yu emphasized that the Competition is strictly conducted in accordance with the principles and practices of international violin making competitions, including the high standard of competition prize. The Competition may present seven gold medals in the categories of violin, viola, cello, as well as, violin bow, viola bow, cello bow, bass bow. And seven Gold Medal Awards are RMB 120, 000 Yuan, RMB 140, 000 Yuan, RMB 200, 000 Yuan, RMB 24, 000 Yuan, RMB 24, 000 Yuan, RMB 28, 000 Yuan and RMB 28, 000 Yuan respectively. The gold medal instruments or bows will be purchased by The Organizing Committee of the Competition.

For the extension of violin making industry and its artistic connotation, the organizers will also hold a series of activities during the competition. President Yu said that the Third China International Violin Making & Bow Making Competition would promote the international exchange of ideas within the string instruments and bows making industry, and enhance mutual understanding between China and the World. By the end of the speech, he wished The Competition a success!

Next, the Secretary General of Western Returned Scholars Association Zhang Xuejun and the Deputy District Chief of Pinggu District Yao Zhongyang made their congratulatory speeches respectively. 

The Cultural Counselor of Italian Embassy Stefania Stafutti addressed in her speech that, on behalf of Italian Embassy in Beijing, she was glad to attend today's important event. First of all, she thanked Professor Zheng Quan because he brought professional Italian violin making technology back to China and developed the charm of violin making art. The efforts made by the team of Professor Zheng made great contribution to the rapid development on violin making industry and string instruments performing arts in China.

The senior statesman of Italian violin making industry Gio Batta Morassi delivered the last speech. He introduced the history of European violin making industry. Then, he emphasized that, among his number of students all over the world, Zheng Quan inherited his tradition and carried forward the Italian technology and art of violin making in China. Mr. Morassi said that the aim of holding this competition was to select talented young people to inherit our violin making career. He expected to hear more wonderful music played by musicians with high quality string instruments made by talented violin makers.

Professor Zheng Quan and the String Ensemble of Research Center of Violin Making of CCOM played Mozart's String Serenade in G Major for the guests and audiences. Amber Quartet of CCOM also played string solo and quartet pieces. The opening ceremony of Third China International Violin Making & Bow Making Competition was completed successfully in beautiful music.


by Han Min/translation:Wang Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-05-11

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