First National Symposium on Musical Performance Studies Successfully Held in CCOM

In order to promote the theory developing on performance studies and development of music performance practice and teaching, The First National Symposium on Musical Performance Studies was held successfully by the Editorial Office of Journal of the Central Conservatory of Music from April 8 to April 11, 2016. The academic event was supported by the Journal Grant Program of National Social Science Foundation of China and the Central Conservatory of Music. It was co-organized by the Institute of Musicology of CCOM, Musicology Department and Study Center of Music Aesthetics of CCOM, and China Musicology Network.

On the morning of April 9, 2016, the opening ceremony of the symposium was held in the Recital Hall of CCOM. Professor Yu Feng, the President of CCOM, gave a speech at first. He firstly congratulated the launch of this academic event and then warmly welcomed the well-renowned scholars and musicians and all the participants. Later, Professor Wang Cizhao, the Chief Editor of Journal of CCOM, also delivered a welcoming speech.

There were over 200 participants, including music performing artists, music teachers, and theory scholars, who participated in the symposium. The symposium consisted of three parts: keynote speeches, lectures by world renowned scholars, concerts and after-concert discussion. The participating performing artists and scholars came from different music conservatories all over the country. They deeply discussed a number of key issues on musical performance studies, such as the theory and method of musical performance studies, musical performance practices and positivistic case analysis on music performance, the inheritance and innovation of musical performance traditions.

The symposium organization committee invited Professor John Rink, the renowned scholar of the University of Cambridge and a member of the Jury of the XVII International Chopin Competition; and Professor Robert Winter from the Department of Music in UCLA. They are the leading figures in musical performance studies internationally. Their lectures would become important reference for domestic studies on music performance.

Besides the lectures and keynote speeches, with the assistance of Director of Institute of Musicology of CCOM Jia Guoping and Associate Professor of Traditional Instruments Department Lan Weiwei, the Editorial Office of Journal of CCOM presented two concerts respectively on the evenings of April 8 and April 9, 2016. One was traditional music concert and the other one was contemporary music concert. The Editorial Office of Journal of CCOM also organized two discussions after the concerts on the topics of inherited relations between music performance and traditional music, and how the performance contributes to the presentation of contemporary music composition.

The success of the First National Symposium on Musical Performance Studies reflected all participants' interest and demand for the study on music performance theory. CCOM has a double advantage on performance subjects and musicological studies. Through hosting the symposium, the editors of Journal of CCOM contributed to the development of music performance study theory and music performance practice in China. The Journal would host the seminars on music performance studies every two years and organize the discussions on all of participants' concerned issues during the seminars.



Wen Yonghong/photo:Xu Rui/translation:Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-04-29

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