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Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2017-2018 & the Teacher's Day Celebration Held at CCOM

On the morning of September 11 at 10am, 2017, accompanied by joyful and splendid melody played by four trumpets, the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2017-2018 & the Teacher's Day Celebration launched at the Opera & Concert Hall of CCOM. Zhao Min, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCOM, Yu Feng, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CCOM, Pang Huanlei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of CCOM, Jiang Xiao'ai, Vice President of CCOM, Ye Xiaogang, Vice President of CCOM, and Miao Jianhua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CCOM attended the meeting. All incoming freshmen, new faculty members, representatives of senior professors, leaders of all teaching departments, and counsellors joined the meeting. Deputy Secretary Pang Huanlei hosted the meeting.

President Yu Feng delivered the first speech. At first, on behalf of CCOM, President Yu expressed warmly welcome to incoming freshmen and congratulated them for stepping into their new period through their hard work. Afterwards, he introduced the history and the teaching aim of the Central Conservatory of Music, and pointed out further that "all the works we have done and we will be done aim to serve the students! Our school has great facilities, outstanding faculty team and excellent curriculum system. In order to have enough practicing time for students, the music practicing room is opened 24 hours a day and school changed 100 new pianos for practice room. We will also have the Best of Best (BOB) project for talents training. All we have done aims to guarantee a quiet environment for your study, and to train qualified and reliable successors with Chinese features in accordance with the requirements of the Party and the State." Additionally, President Yu attached great importance to the obligation of our instructors (especially the one to one tutors) on moral education. He pointed out that emphasizing apprenticeship between teacher and student is a CCOM tradition, one to one tutors, as an important group of faculty members in a music conservatory, are not only the tutor on studying music, but also the tutor on understanding life in the process of students' growing. In the end, President Yu gave students four suggestions on how study in college according to his own experiences and encouraged freshmen to study hard and with our school together, carry the historical mission and responsibility of keeping our school as a world top musical institute.

As the representative of faculty members of CCOM, Professor Qin Wenchen gave a talk. He especially mentioned that a number of senior professors working in school for several decades have extremely deep influences on him. Their extraordinary personalities and vigorous enthusiasm on art and education encourage them to work hard for their artistic career. Professor Qin hoped that our students would carry on the senior professors' valuable spirit in their study life.

The representative of new teachers of CCOM Yu Jingyou expressed her proud of being a member of CCOM faculty. She also realized that, as college teachers, they took the important responsibility of cultivating international music talents. Teacher Yu said that they would contribute to a better future of CCOM. The representative of 2017 freshmen Zhang Yu expressed her longing for the college life and her persistence on following the ideality.

Secretary of the Party Committee of CCOM Zhao Wen delivered a concluding speech. On behalf of the Party Committee of CCOM, Secretary Zhao warmly welcomed incoming freshmen and incoming teachers at first, then, he offered sincere holiday greetings to all hard working staff and retired teachers! Afterwards, Secretary Zhao pointed out three requirements on freshmen: firstly, our students should deeply understand  what is the higher education and should establish the ideological character, humanistic quality, social responsibility, professional ability and patriotic enthusiasm in course of your study period in college; secondly, students should establish positive values and become the leader of cultural innovation in new era; thirdly, students should pay attention to and straighten out the relationship between professional learning and talent growth. Next, Secretary Zhao also pointed out three expectations on the teachers: firstly, teachers should become good guides for their students; secondly, teachers should recognize the mission of contemporary teachers. On the one hand, the student-centered concept should be practicable and on the other hand, teachers' orientative and activity should be exploited; thirdly, teachers should follow the educational regularity and improve the teaching level. Currently, CCOM is in the key period of double first-class university construction and comprehensive reform of education. We sincerely hope that our teachers will pay attention to teaching, care for students, improve the ability and take the responsibility of educating people.

After the speeches, teachers and students who achieved outstanding results within one year were awarded prizes. The school leaders also gave commendation to the departments and persons who achieved great outcomes in important events held and participated in by our school at home and abroad.

At the end of the meeting, with the soulful and tender melody of A Grateful Heart, the representatives of 2017 freshmen presented flowers and sincere wish to senior professors, including Zhou Guangren, Du Mingxin, Yang Hongnian, Chen Ziming, Tao Chunxiao, Yuan Jingfang, Zhu Dun and Liu Changfu, and Departments' Heads. The representatives of senior students wearied school badges for the representatives of 2017 freshmen. The participating teachers and students were deeply moved and encouraged.

Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2017-2018 & the Teacher's Day Celebration ended in a festive and peaceful atmosphere.



by Wang Yu/photo:Xiang Yun/translation:Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2017-09-15

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