Photo Gallery of "Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2016-2017 & the Teacher's Day Celebration"

In September 9th, 2016, the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2016-2017 and the Teacher's Day Celebration were held solemnly in the newly completed Opera Hall. All new students/freshmen, counselors from different departments, faculty members, staff and school leaders presented at two ceremonies.

At first, all people in the Opera Hall stood up and sang the National Anthem which was the prelude of the Opening Ceremony.

Then, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCOM Guo Shulan, President of CCOM Yu Feng, and the representative of CCOM faculty Professor Guo Weiguo delivered their speeches respectively.

In their speeches, they all warmly welcomed the new students and staff members. At the same time, they raised their high expectations on these new members of CCOM family. They hoped that these new members would become self-disciplined, hardworking and responsible master of CCOM as soon as possible.

The representative of new students Sun Yashu and the representative of new teachers Xu Xiaonan also made their speeches respectively. The expressed their sense of great pride and their hearty gratitude to the teachers and schools who gave them the best training in the past. They said that they were ready for the upcoming stage in their life and they would show their best to our school.

The last part of the opening ceremony was prize awarding. The school leaders presented awards for the winners of Merit Students, Beijing Outstanding Student Cadres, Beijing Excellent Class, and 2015 Baogang Outstanding Student Award. 

On the afternoon of the same day, over 800 teachers and staffs attended 2016 Teacher's Day Celebration. The leaders of CCOM Guo Shulan, Yu Feng, Pang Huanlei, Jiang Xiaoai, Xiao Xuejun, and Miao Jianhua presented awards for teaching winners. The Celebration Ceremony was hosted by the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Pang Huanlei.

In the awarding ceremony, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCOM Guo Shulan presented award for Professor Qin Wenchen, the winner of the Honor Title of Famous Teacher and "Four Groups" Talent selected by the Propaganda Department of Central Committee of CPC; President of CCOM Yu Feng presented award for Professor Guo Weiguo, the winner of Beijing Famous Teacher Award; Secretary Guo and President Yu presented awards for Professor Zhang Liping and Professor Qin Wenchen, the winners of 2015 Baogang Excellent Teacher Award. At the end of the awarding ceremony, all leaders presenting at the ceremony presented awards for the winners of Excellent Form-Teachers of 2015-2016 Academic Year, including Li Tingfei, Li Meiyan, Li Weilin, Zou Xiang, Chen Xi, Zhang Jingli, Di Lin, Wang Yujue, and Jiang Ying. They took a group picture at last.

After that, from the different point of view, Jiang Yiying, a first-year student who is admitted to the College of CCOM from the Middle School of CCOM, and Wang Jingrui, a first-year student who is admitted to the College of CCOM from Gansu Province in the Northwest frontier area, illustrated the reasons to choose CCOM as their college and expressed their respect and expectations for teachers and their new life.

At the end of the meeting, the President of CCOM Yu Feng made a conclusive speech. He encouraged all the staffs of CCOM to work hard together to achieve the goal of building our conservatory into a world-class music conservatory!


Propaganda Department/edited by Wang Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-09-23

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