2016 CCOM Graduation and Degree Granting Ceremony

On June 28, 2016, "Remember to Come Back Home"-2016 CCOM Graduation and Degree Granting Ceremony was held in the newly completed Opera House of CCOM. The President of CCOM Yu Feng and Professor Tang Jianping, the representative of faculty members, delivered speeches respectively. The Deputy Secretary of CCOM Party Committee Miao Jianhua announced the list of Outstanding Graduates. Then, on behalf of all graduates, the representative of outstanding graduates Xu Xiaonan made a speech. At the end of ceremony, the Vice President of CCOM Ye Xiaogang and Xiao Xuejun announced the decisions on Degree-Granting of Ph.D, Master and Bachelor students. The Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office Liu Qi hosted the whole ceremony.

First of all, on behalf of CCOM, President Yu Feng expressed sincere congratulations to all graduates and their families! Then, he pointed out a number of "special welfare" that 2016 graduates had. For example, the new Opera House holding the graduation ceremony is the best venue of the Central Conservatory of Music; the new dining hall has been open to all students for one semester; the Central Conservatory of Music is the closest conservatory to Tiananmen Square. Since 2016, the Ministry of Education requires all colleges and universities to design and print their own graduation and degree certificates. Therefore, all the graduates here will receive the first-generation graduation certificate and degree certificate which are designed by CCOM. The certificate bears witness to graduates' study and life, knowledge and ability in CCOM. It is the fruitful results of their hard work! President Yu Feng also encouraged the graduates to face the pressure from the job market. At the same time, they should believe in their ideals and keep their self-confidence. At the end of his speech, President Yu stated that you would become outstanding artistic talents as long as you had a good character and a strong sense of responsibility. Your level would be the level of our country's musical art in the future.

The representative of faculty members Tang Jianping hoped that the graduates of CCOM would be brave to explore and innovate in new fields and new environments. He emphasized that we were Chinese musicians and we took up the important mission of developing Chinese music. At the end of his talk, he addressed that, as a part of CCOM forever, all graduates and alumni should continually bring glory to our alma mater.

The Deputy Secretary of CCOM Party Committee Miao Jianhua announced the list of Outstanding Graduates. There are total 29 graduates awarded the honor of "2016 Outstanding Graduates of Beijing." Among them, there are prize winners of major international and domestic competitions, national scholarship winners, or all-round good students and outstanding members of the Communist Youth League of Beijing. They participated in the artistic and social practices of school actively, earned the honors and made outstanding contributions for school when they studied in CCOM.

The representative of outstanding graduate students Xu Xiaonan said that "We come from all corners of the land, but we have a common warm home-the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. We appreciate our alma mater for the training we received in our school. We also thank to our teachers and schoolmates for their love and care for us. We are willing to move forward with these warm memories."

In the last part, the Vice President of CCOM Ye Xiaogang announced that total 29 PhD candidates would be awarded PhD Degree and total 213 graduate students would be awarded Master Degree in 2016. Then, the Vice President of CCOM Xiao Xuejun announced that total 141 college students and 454 adult education students would be awarded Bachelor Degree.

After the ceremony, all 2016 graduates took a memorable group photo with school leaders and teachers outside the Concert Hall.


Propaganda Department of CCOM/translation:Xiaoxi , CCOM , 2016-07-01

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