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The Student Union of CCOM is a voluntary organization of undergraduate students under the leading of Communist Party branch and Communist Youth League branch of CCOM. It is a mass organization that serves all the students. It is characterized by self-education, self-management, and intended to be involved in the management of school.

The Student Union presents and protects the fundamental interest of students, and becomes the bond between Party and Youth League's organizations and students. The Union also organizes students to participate in the social practice activities. In addition, the Student Union reflects students' desires on time and helps them to resolve their difficulties.

Currently, the Twenty-Eighth Student Union of CCOM consists of eight departments: Presidium, Study Department, Life Department, Publicity Department, Information Department, Recreation and Sports Department, Liaison Department, and Office. The eight departments have clear division of functions, and support and associate to each other at the same time. Their harmonic interaction formed a good working atmosphere. For the development of the union, all the cadres are organized to join the cadre training program sponsored by the Youth League of CCOM, which improved their comprehensive ability and quality and accumulated their working experiences for future.

The Student Union of CCOM has been improved and developed stably through the every effort of each cadre of union. All kinds of activities and studies organized by Student Union enriched students' after-school life. Among them, singer competition, New Year Evening Party, debate competition, quiz show, speech contest, sports festival, cultural festival, dance party, etc., have been well received by the students and have become the symbolized events of CCOM's Student Union. Furthermore, the Union also sponsored many lectures given by specialists on English, literature, film and television, fine arts, etiquette, finance, and Olympic, which carry on the fine campus culture of CCOM.

The Student Union of CCOM always advocates and acts following the substance of Beijing Students Federation "to serve the students and assist school on the cultivation of students." We also positively respond to and cooperate with the works of Beijing Students Federation and All-China Students Federation. In the working process, the Students Union of CCOM deepened the friendship with other Students Unions, strengthened the connection with the society, and created a good image of CCOM.

Every year, some old members leave while new members join, yet the fine working style and the enthusiasm for the students never changed and will be continued with more passion.


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, CCOM , 2008-04-17
Students Union
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