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Master of Fine Arts and Academic Degree Office

Master of Fine Arts and Academic Degrees Office is an administrative organization attached to National MFA Educational Instruction Group and Academic Degree Committee of CCOM, which has the bi-function of the secretariat of National MFA Educational Instruction Group and management organization for granting the BA, MA and PhD degrees and related works in CCOM, and directly under the leading of the President of CCOM. 

National MFA Educational Instruction Group, under the leading of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, PRC and Ministry of Education, consists of the officials of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, and scholars, renowned artists of the universities and conservatories. Educational Instruction Group plays very important role in organizing the activities related to art master degree education, proposing the cultivation project and teaching outline for master students, developing teachers' training, teaching and learning assessment, academic research, and international exchange and collaboration, etc.

The Secretariat of Educational Instruction Group is located in CCOM. It is in charge of the management of degree granting and related works under the leadership of the President of CCOM and the leadership of Educational Instruction Group, which include:

  • Executing the policies and rules of degree management made by the conservatory and the department of higher level responsible for the work;
  • Organizing the meeting of CCOM Degree Committee and the appointment of advisors for master and doctoral students;
  • Examining the name list of graduates who are granted bachelor, master and doctoral degrees;
  • Calculating and analyzing the state of granting degrees on different levels and establishing the degree archive;
  • Formulating and revising the rules of degree management;
  • Organizing the election of outstanding dissertations;
  • Implement the resolutions of CCOM Academic Degree Committee.
, CCOM , 2008-03-24