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Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office is a division devoted to serve all students. It is responsible for all issues and resources related to student life, including financial aid, housing, food service, health services, activities, and job hunting through the career center, and other issues. 

The mission of Student Affairs Office is fostering student learning and development by providing highest quality programs and services that enhance students' educational experiences and that prepare students to be contributing members of a diverse society.

The Student Affairs Office provides support and advisement to student groups and events as well as assists students in making the most of them. The Student Affairs Office informs students about policies and procedures that impact their lives. The office will also works closely with other administrative departments to smooth the progress of the performance of new initiatives or to advocate on behalf of students for improvements or changes to services. The Office also assists students in complementing their academic experiences by providing resources for summer and international job opportunities, elective opportunities, community service projects or research projects.

, CCOM , 2008-03-24