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Office of the President

The office of the President at Central Conservatory of Music is an administrative division that assists the leadership of CCOM to manage the central administrative services, carry out overall planning and policy development and initiation of conservatory-wide programs and foster collaboration across the conservatory.

The President's Office is responsible for a variety of conservatory-wide activities, mainly including:

  • Providing support for the leadership of CCOM;
  • Organizing meetings, making the routine schedules for the President and dealing with his daily     correspondence.
  • Coordinating strategic planning, academic affairs, management and fiscal affairs, information system, etc.;
  • Collecting and analyzing important data of the conservatory, and then editing and archiving various documents; 
  • Providing support for the conservatory cultural projects;
  • Developing the international communications, and receiving important guests.


, CCOM , 2008-03-24