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China's Electro-Acoustic Music Center | Introduction


Founded in 1993 by Prof.Zhang Xiaofu, the China's Electro-Acoustic Music Centre (CEME) attached to the Central Conservatory of Music is the first professional institution of modern electroacoustic music with a multifunctional and overall orientation in China, its basic functions include the teaching, training, development, artistic promotion and international exchanges in the electroacoustica music field, the aim is to introduce the high-tech achievements to the modern music world, so as to establish and develop the modern electroacoustica music school with Chinese style and splendid manner.

Academic degree: Master's degree, bachelor's degree and advanced study.

Specialty: Composition of Modern Electronic music, Study of Technical Theory of Modern Electroacoustica Music, Computer Music, The Guide to Music Acoustics, The Art of Music Recording.

Every two years, the Beijing Electroacoustica Music Festival will be organized by the CEMC; the main activities include master classes and concerts of modern electroacoustica music and Symposium.

, CCOM , 2008-03-24