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Supported by the officers of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, EOS Orchestra Academy of CCOM ( was founded in 2006. Professor Hu Yongyan, a well-known conductor, was invited to serve as the Dean and Artistic Director of the Academy. EOS is the only music institution among Chinese music conservatories that focuses on art practice training and provides graduate program for on-the-job students with two kinds of diplomas, Master of Fine Arts and Diploma of Performing Artist.

Officially founded in April, 2006, EOS has been the only institution so far that gives consideration to both career development and professional orchestral specialist training in the Asian-Pacific region. EOS offers a broad stage for young performers and emphasizes both instrumental playing skills and the spirit of team work. In daily rehearsals of orchestra and chamber music, the school frequently invites world renowned musicians to tutor and communicate with the students in order to achieve the best effects of learning; meanwhile, the school offered students foreign language courses by native speakers in order to sharpen the students' capability of communication with foreigners. EOS does hope that the accumulation of all these learning accelerate the development of Chinese symphony. In the past year, ten percent of the students of EOS have been employed officially by China National Symphony Orchestra and other key symphony orchestras, exerted widespread influence in music circles and society, and thus, made significant contributions to the development of symphony in China.

EOS Orchestra Academy will hold the entrance exam for the Master of Fine Arts every October. The students can choose two-year or four-year program and will receive the degree recognized by the nation. Meanwhile, EOS also holds the entrance exam for the Diploma of Performing Artist all year round. The students can choose two-year or four-year program and will receive the degree from the Central Conservatory of Music. Many talented young musicians have entered the program of Master of Fine Arts study or found their dream jobs. For more details, please visit the EOS website ( or call (010)66412017, (010)66418217.

, CCOM , 2008-03-24