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Continuing Education Program

The Continuing Education College affiliated to CCOM was established in 1999. It is a research and administrative institution on continuing education, and an affiliated non-degree education college as well. The College is mainly in charge of non-degree educational programs, such as on job training, technique training and qualification assessing on different music majors, levels, ages and forms. The programs include various kinds of on job training, training program in abroad, and "National Music Teacher Certification" on different levels sponsored by CCOM. The College has four administrations: admission office, academic administration office, collaboration and development division, administrative office. The present Dean of the CEC is An Ping.  

Continuing Education College of CCOM not only shares the teaching resources with CCOM, such as faculty members and data base, but also attracts excellent teachers from other universities in order to improve the teaching quality constantly. For the teaching facilities, besides sharing the top-grade equipments with CCOM, CEC also holds national top class computer music classroom, electronic piano classroom and multi-media music classroom, which strongly supported the course teaching on new directions. In addition, made with our every exertion, the website of continuing education affiliate to CCOM is a modern social music education forum of the communication and management. It also provides rich educational resources and high quality teaching instructions for all the music teachers and amateurs. 

In the light of a series of new educational concepts, such as multi-cultural music education, global view on artistic education, and trans-cultural artistic education, the CEC is not only teaching music playing skill, but also transferring music culture. The focus of continuing education is on music education's significant function of raising the quality of the entire nation and promoting the development of economy and society. The curriculum of CEC is offered according to the needs of students and emphasizes the communication between teachers and students and makes the study a happy experience.

Since it was established in 1999, the Continuing Education College has constructed a music continuing education system that transformed the system from one-time campus education into socialized lifelong education, from traditional elite training mode into all-rounder training mode. It is a system with special features in music education field on higher education level which adapts to the development of economic construction and the times. The CEC of CCOM aims at serving all the music educator, learner, and amateurs with high quality continuing music education constantly for their satisfaction.

, CCOM , 2008-03-24