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Graduate Program

In 1978, the graduate education system was resumed by the government. In the same year, the Central Conservatory of Music started its graduate program. In 1981, CCOM was appointed as one of the first batch of academic institutes that qualified for granting the master and doctor degrees by the State Council of the People's Republic of China. Currently, CCOM enrolls master and doctoral students on different levels that include standard graduate student, on-job master student, MFA Degree graduate student. In addition, CCOM also enrolls graduate students from abroad and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions. Our graduate program on doctoral level includes 16 research directions in composition, compositional theory, and musicology fields; the program on master level has total 62 research directions in composition, musicology, and music performance fields.  

The faculty team of CCOM with numerous potentials has total 47 doctoral advisors and 207 master advisors. They offer over hundred courses for graduate students. The Graduate Program of CCOM pays great attention to train students mastering solid specialized music techniques, strong ability of music composition and performance, and comprehensive knowledge accomplishment. The courses offered for composition and compositional theory students include Reading on English Literature of Compositional Theory, Special Research on Contemporary Music Composition, Research on Modern Composition, etc.; the courses offered for musicological students include Past and Present in Musicology, Musicological Analysis, Reading on English Literature of Musicology, Modern Arts and Literary Trend of Thoughts, etc.; the courses offered for music performance students include The Technique Analysis of Music Literature, Orchestral and Choral Conducting Bases, Advanced Sight-singing and Ear-training, Educational Psychology, Writing Academic Thesis and Dissertation, etc. The graduate advisors also offer other elective courses covering several fields, such as the history of music, music analysis on composition, academic research on special subjects, fundamental study of humanities, etc.

CCOM's graduate program applies qualifying exam system that doctoral and master students should pass the exam first and then start their thesis writing. In addition, the final defense of Ph.D. and Master Candidates will be classified by the Academic Committee. The integrate system of graduate teaching and learning program strongly guaranteed the quality of the thesis and overall level of Masters and PhDs graduated from CCOM. 

The students will be improved greatly on music techniques and comprehensive qualities through diligent study in the Graduate School. The fruitful results they gained from the Graduate Program of CCOM will settle a solid foundation for their careers in the future.  


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, CCOM , 2008-03-24