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Undergraduate Program

The purpose of CCOM's undergraduate program is to cultivate outstanding music talents whom would be well trained on ideology and morality, arts and literary and mastered professional music playing techniques and theoretical knowledge. The graduates of CCOM work worldwide in professional performing troupes, arts conservatories and universities, music academic institutes, and other fields related to music as musicians, composers, musicologists, teachers, managers, etc.
The curriculum of undergraduate program covered following academic fields: history of Chinese and Western music, music analysis and critics, world music, compositional theories, and tutorials for performing majors. Along with the development of science and technology, the interdisciplinary field between music and other disciplines displayed expanding trend. The departments and divisions established successively in CCOM in recent years, including "voice research center," "violin making institute," "electro-acoustic music center," and "institute of music therapy," have cultivated certain amount of professional personnel on different levels and broadened students' knowledge. In addition, the curriculum of these subjects improved students' ability to merge them with the society. 

Performing practice, which expands the contents of classroom teaching, is an important teaching step and unavoidable channel to cultivate all-round qualified artistic talents. Therefore, CCOM always pays attention to the performing practice activities on orchestra, choir, chamber music, opera, and instrumental accompany. These activities not only presented students' individual skills and potentials, but also improved students' harmonic and cooperative ideology and abilities in a group which are beneficial to the development of students' creative spirit and practicing potentials.
Active communication on academic research field played an important role on the process of improving the academic level and teaching quality of CCOM. Every year, each department invites numerous visiting scholars and musicians from abroad and organizes series lectures and master classes. The purpose of organizing these academic activities positively is to help students with their comprehensive study in a fine academic environment. 
The admission work is the first key step for improving school's teaching quality. CCOM's admission requirements focus on surveying the music foundation and playing skills of prospective students, and also paying attention to their general knowledge background. Students may get more information about the admission process from following website:

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