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Orchestral Instruments Department

Orchestral Instruments Department was established in 1950. It is an important teaching division on performance art at CCOM. It consists of ten teaching groups which are woodwind, brass, violin, viola, cello, double bass, Western percussion, chamber music, ensembles, and piano accompanying. In addition, the China Youth Symphony Orchestra named by the Ministry of Culture of PRC in 1986 is affiliated to the department. The national level orchestra consists of the students of orchestral instruments department.

The required courses of the department include solo, ensemble, chamber music, history of Western brass art, history of Western string art; history of Chinese music, history of Western music, an outline of Chinese traditional music, sight-singing and ear-training, harmony, form, choir, piano, etc.

Renowned professors and educators in elder generation, such as Professor Lin Yaoji, Wang Zhenshan, Liu YuxiIn, Liu Peiyan, Zong Bo, Yu Mingqing, Bo Lin, Zhu Tongde,Bai Yu,Tao Chunxiao, Hu Bingyu, Zhao Ruilin, Liu Guangsi, Xiaoming Han, Zhang Chengxin, Wang Yaoling, Shang Chengsong; Han Yaping etc., laid solid foundation for the development of the department.  Recent years, many well-known young musicians returned the homeland from abroad and strengthened the faculty team further.

The current department's faculty members include:

Violin: Professor Tong Weidong, Liang Danan, Lin Zhaoyang, Zhang Ti, Yu Bing, Xie Nan, Chen Yun (Chamber Music), Yang Gefang (Chamber Music), Associate Professor Tan Liwei, Gao Can, Chen Xi, Xie Haoming. Lecturer Zhang Jia (Chamber music),He Chang (Chamber music), Su Yanjing (Chamber music), Ning Fangliang (Chamber music).

Viola: Professor He Rong, Wang Changhai, Su Zhen; Associate Professor Cao Hai, Qi Wang (Chamber Music).

Cello: Professor Ma Wen, Yang Meng, Hee-Young Lim.Associate Professor Sun Xiaoqi, Lu Xin (Chamber music). Yang Yichen (Chamber music)

Double Bass: Professor Chen Hanrui, Pan Hengyu 

Clarinet: Professor , Fan Lei, Yuan Yuan, Fan Wei, Wang Tao.

Flute: Professor Han Guoliang.Associate Professor Deng Meng.

Oboe: Professor Wei Weidong, Associate Professor Fang Hengjian.

Saxphone: Associate Professor Yang Tong

Bassoon: Professor Li Lansong.

Trumpet: Professor  Dai Zhonghui,Chen Guang.

Trombone: Professor Liu Yang.

French Horn: Associate Professor Man Yi. 

Harp: Prof. Jing Huiping, Associate Professor Wang Guan.

Percussion: Professor Li Biao; associate professor Liu Gang, Zhang Jingli.

Artistic instructor [Piano coach]: Professor Huang Mengmeng, Associate Professor Wang Yunyue, Yuan Ding, Cao Hui, Lu Jingyi, Wu Qiong,Ma Xiao'ou, Yin Yijia, Lecturer Hou Momeng, Guo Yuanshuai, Fan Jun, Hong Qian, Zhang Jiao, Hao Nan.

Chamber Music Piano: Associate Professor Shi Jiajia, Li Le (Chamber music)

History of String Instruments: Associate Professor Liu Lan.

Classical Guitar:  Associate Professor: Li Jie, Lecturer Xu Tuo.

The faculty of the department received numerous awards on national level which include several "Outstanding Teaching Achievements Award of Chinese Higher Education." For international exchange activities, on one hand, the faculty of orchestral instruments department often perform, give lectures worldwide, and are invited as the members of committee in international competitions; on the other hand, quite a number of maestros (including cellist Rostropovich, Yo-Yo Ma, Maisky; violinist Menuhin, Stern, Mutter, etc.) visit the orchestral instruments department, give performances and attend academic activities every year.
During the  past years from its establishment to now, the graduates of the orchestral instruments department have been to all over the world. According to an incomplete statistics from 1995 to now, the students of the department has achieved important awards over one hundred times in various major competitions worldwide and won great honors for the school and homeland.
The former Chairs of the orchestral instruments department were Zhang Hongdao, Huang Feili, Zhang Yan, Huang Yuanli, Sui Keqiang, Tao Chunxiao, Zhu Tongde, Bo Lin, Liu Peiyan and Zhao Reilin. The current chair is Tong Weidong, vice chairs are Li Langsong and Liu Yanag. Professor Chen Guang is the General Secretory of the Party  branch.

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