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Music Education Institute

The Music Education Institute was established in 1999. The purpose of the institute's program is to cultivate pioneer professional educators that devote themselves to reform national music education in order to meet the current requirements for higher music educational talents who can adapt to national artistic education in the new century.

Music Education Institute focuses on academic research and discipline construction, teaching and curriculum construction based on importing and exploring the theory and practice of advanced international music education system since it was established. At the same time, the institute promotes and practices academic achievements actively, and explores new method of Chinese music educational reformation in order to cultivate new talent models that can connect to international music education system, have mastered advanced music education ideology and teaching techniques, and can take on the mission of music educational reformation.

Currently, the music education institute has 10 faculty members, which include 1 professor, 2 associate professors and 1 lecturer. The present administrators of the institute include Chair Gao Jianjin, Vice Chair Tang Qiong, and the secretary of the Party Chen Yi. There are 112 undergraduate students and 28 graduate students studying in the institute.

The curriculum of music education institute aims on:

  • Establishing the professional ideal to take up the career of national music education wholeheartedly and determined to explore and practice the music educational reformation; 
  • Mastering basic musical knowledge and musical techniques through music singing, playing, and dancing practices, understanding comprehensively the artistic nature and aesthetic expression of music, and having the ability to lead students attending music activity and appreciating music; 
  • Getting familiar with present advanced music pedagogy and textbooks in China and abroad; 
  • Mastering the basic principles and techniques of pedagogy based on the principles of "study for the purpose of application" and "master the subject through comprehensive study" in order to organize music classes and music activities on different levels.

The music education institute provide five-year undergraduate program. The main courses include sight-singing and ear-training (based on Kodaly music teaching method), music and movement (based on Orff's music education system and Dalcroze Eurhythmics), music teaching method (combining with different advanced systems ), music textbook reading, Chinese and Western music education history, instruction on practice teaching, vocal training and parts singing, chorus construction, composition and arrangement for small ensemble, pedagogy principle, educational psychology, etc.

Since the beginning of the establishment, the music education institute has built long term collaboration relationship with Hungarian Kodaly Music Institute and International Kodaly Society, Orff Foundation, Orff Institution affiliated to Mozart Music University (Munich), Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover in German, Das Institut für musikpedagogische Forschung (ifmpf) der Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover. The collaboration projects include inviting their professors to give lectures here and sending students of music education institute to study in these music institutes. In 2006, the institute introduced Dalcroze Eurhythmics and started to establish long term collaboration with the Dalcroze Eurhythmics Society as well.

Since it established in 1999, the music education institute has held two international music education symposiums: "Orff-Schulwerk Week and International Symposium, Beijing, 2002" and "Kodali Week and Symposium on Music Education, Beijing, 2005."

In Oct. 2006, the music education institute established Teacher Training Office and collaborated with Beijing Municipal Commission of Education to train core music teachers in elementary, middle and high schools in separate groups.

The Choir affiliated to the music education institute trained through advanced concepts and methods is renowned in the music circles in China.

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