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Department of Arts & Humanities

Department of Arts & Humanities was established in March, 1993. It consists of five teaching groups: foreign language, literature and history, Marxism theory, ideology and politics, and physical education. The faculty members of Department of Arts & Humanities are graduates/alumni from key universities, such as Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Sport University, etc. Foreign language group also includes some oversea returned teachers. The present Directors of Department of Arts & Humanities are Associate Professor He Kuanzhao. The previous Directors of Department of Arts & Humanities are Professor Zhao Wenbo [term of office: 1993-1997], Associate Professor Chen Yi [term of office: 1997-2001, Deputy Director, acting for director], Associate Professor Liang Jing [term of office, 2001-2007]. The Department of Arts & Humanities has twelve teachers and one staff.   

The Forth Term leading group of Department of Arts & Humanities:
Director: Liang Jing
Deputy Director: Gu Lixia
Secretary of Party Branch: Zhang Xiaofu

Chiefs of Teaching Groups:
Foreign Language: Liang Jing
Literature and History: Xu Jie
Marxism Theory: Gu Lixia
Ideology and Politics: Chen Yi
Physical Education: Lu Yufei

Secretary of Division: Zhang Shuo

Five teaching groups undertake fifty percent common courses of the school and sustain the great responsibilities of cultivating students in morals, intelligence, and physical education. Over one decade, the division provides following required courses for undergraduate students: English, Germany, French, Survey of Marxism Basic Theory, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and an Introduction of "Three Represents" Thought, Cultivation of Ideology and Morality, Law Basis, College Language and Literature, and Physical Education. The division also provides many elective courses, such as Social Psychology, College Students' Mental Health, Appreciation on Chinese and Western Literary Works, An Introduction of Temperament Theory, Pedagogy, History of Chinese Students Studying Abroad, Humanities Basis, Western Cultural History, Modern Western Philosophy and the Trend of Literature and Art, Modern World Economy and International Politics, Foreign Languages Courses on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills (English, Germany, French, Japanese, Russian), various ball games and dances courses, etc.

The Department of Arts & Humanities has done several important works in recent years. Firstly, the division reformed the course of Cultivation of Ideology and Morality in 2003 and has invited the President Wang Cizhao, the Secretary of the Party Committee, other leaders of the school and highly respected professors to give series lectures related to the education of ideology and morality since then. The lecturers educated the students through their own growing up stories and life experiences. Their lectures help students to acquire right outlooks on the world, life and values. Students responded positively in the lectures. Among the art conservatories in Beijing, the Department of Arts & Humanities of CCOM first formulated teaching reform plans for Marxism Theory and Ideology and Politics, which was heaped praise by the Ministry of Culture of People's Republic of China.

Secondly, in June, 2005, Literature and History Section edited the textbook, The Concise History of Chinese Literature, and offered the course. The textbook provides the outline of Chinese literature, distinguished writers and classical works, and has accomplished certain academic value and social benefits.

Thirdly, according to the requirements on English teaching for graduate students and combining with the students' professional features of CCOM, the teachers of Foreign Language Section edited an English textbook for Graduate Students specialized for the arts conservatories.

Fourthly, since July of 1999, committed by the "Beijing Higher Education Training Center," the Department of Arts & Humanities and Human Resource Office have co-sponsored annually Specific Teacher-Training Class of Beijing Higher Learning Arts Conservatories.

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