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Violin Making Center
The Violin Making Centre at the Central Conservatory of Music was established as a department in 1988 by the director of center, Professor Zheng Quan, who has been study in Italy. The former name of the center was called Violin-Making and Research Lab of CCOM, which was established in 1977 attached to Academic Administration Office.
The Center is separated into two parts, which is teaching and researching. For teaching, the programs are made up of undergraduate, graduate and further education levels. For researching, the center has established material lab, bow making workroom, and repairing workroom.
The main courses of violin making center include violin making practice, wood science, music acoustics, drawing, violin making theory, repairing, painting, string instruments playing, and chamber music.
The Director of violin making center from past to now is Professor Zheng Quan, whose major in violin making in both Cremona International Violin Making School and Parma Conservatory of Music in Italy from 1983 to 1988. In 1997, he was sent by the Ministry of Education to the violin making studio in Paris, France as visiting scholar for 6 month. Professor Zheng has been recognized as the "Violin Making Master of China" by the Chinese Ministry of Culture because of many honors and awards he has received, which include 4 golden medals among 20 medals in different international violin making competitions. He was also selected by China Musical Yearbook as "Chinese Musical Celebrity" in 1991. He is also assuming the President of Chinese Violin Makers Association, the member of CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference), the committee member of International Violin Makers Association.
The violin making center has 3 teachers, who are Professor Zheng Quan and teaching assistant Chen Ting, Liu Yuejing; and 10 undergraduate students, 2 graduate students, and 5 students for further education.
The main achievements and honors of violin making center include several academic research projects, such as "material research on bow instruments" sponsored by Fok Ying Tung Foundation Program on Research, "violin material processing" sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, etc. Now, we are doing teamwork with both Institute of Acoustics and Institute of Mechanics affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences on the study of acoustical and mechanical characteristics of violin making, which is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China. 
The study on violin making and bow making is an interdisciplinary, which related to acoustics, materials science, mechanics, wood science, chemistry, historiography, and aesthetics. In such a modern time along with rapid development on science, it is necessary to develop the traditional technology with modern scientific technique in order to improve the quality of violin and violin bow. In China, the major of violin making developed rapidly in recent years. Along with the improvement of playing skill and the development of music level, talented high-quality violin maker is need in China and abroad. In ten years, some graduates have been studied and worked in well-known violin making schools and studios, and become a main figure of instrument making industry. 

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