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The Middle School affiliated to CCOM

The Middle School affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music is the key secondary specialized school on national level that is directly under the leading of Ministry of Education, PRC (formerly under the Ministry of Culture, PRC). The School includes six-year middle school program and three-year elementary school program. The majors include keyboard instruments performance, orchestral instruments performance, Chinese traditional instruments performance, vocal performance, basis of composition and musicology. According to the requirement of instruments' tutorial, fundamental music courses and general knowledge courses, the school set up ten teaching groups: piano, violin, cello, winds, Chinese traditional instruments, composition and music foundation, vocal, piano for non-major students, chamber music, and general knowledge. The total number of the students is over seven hundreds now.

The Middle School of CCOM has a strong faculty team with numerous potentials. The teaching level can be rated as one of the best music schools in China. The renowned professors, Huang Yuanli, Liao Fushu, Xia Zhiqiu, Zhang Yan, Yi Kaijin, Zhu Gongyi, Zhou Guangren, Han Li, Lan Yusong, Yu Yixuan, Shen Xiang, Sui Keqiang, Wang Zhilong, Lin Yaoji, Pan Yiming, Chen Bigang, etc, were teaching in the middle school. Some retired well-known professors, such as Yang Ruhuai, Tao Cunxiao, Wang Zhenxian, Jin Aiping, Ling Yuan, Zhao Pingguo, Wu Yuan, Zhong Hui, Wang Zhenshan, Song Tao, Chen Yuan, Zhu Dun, Wang Yongxin, are still teaching in the school and exert every effort for cultivating young talents. In recent years, the middle-aged and young teachers play more and more important role in teaching and artistic practice aspects of the Middle School. Some of them have achieved excellent results in many important music competitions in home and abroad and are the outstanding figures among Chinese young and middle-aged musicians and composers. The textbooks and teaching outlines written and edited by the teachers of the Middle School of CCOM are well received by their peers and experts, and be adopted as textbook by other artistic conservatories. In addition, the general courses teaching group of the middle school also carries fine tradition. Some veteran professors, such as Tang Dezhang, Fang Chengguo, Cai Zhongde, gave graduates profound expressions for their excellent teaching. 

The school enrolls students from all parts of nation. A group of students with music talents would be enrolled by a series of comprehensive and strict examinations every year. Through many years' diligent study, most of them would be enrolled by CCOM to pursue advanced study. From the establishment of the school up to now, over 2000 students graduated from the middle school of CCOM. They are working and studying at home and abroad. Many of them has become the core figures in the music troupes and art conservatories, such as Shi Guangnan, Chu Wanghua, Wang Liping, Liu Shikun, Yin Chengzong, Sheng Zhongguo, Bao Huiqiao, Wang Guoqing, Huang Anlun, Chen Zuohuang, who are the outstanding representatives among the alumni of the school. There are also some alumni who has worked conscientiously in the cultural and art troupes and institutions at the basic level, even in the rural regions, and contributed their knowledge and enthusiasm for national music culture career. Since the Reform and Opening up, the school has cultivated more and more young music geniuses, such as Chen Xi, Wang Yujia, Yang Xiaoyu, Tian Bonian, Jiang Jinahua, Guo Chang, Lu Siqing, Huang Bin, Lang Lang, who have achieved many awards and prizes in some important international music competitions. According to a rough statistics, the students have gained 280 awards in various international music competitions and 484 awards (only including first three places) in national and provincial competitions.

Since the establishment, the school has paid great attention to the artistic practice and exchange activities. The worldwide renowned artists, Yehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, and others, visited the school and gave lectures and master classes. Every year, the school's teachers and students would visit abroad and attend various performances aiming at strengthening the cultural exchange between the school and other institutes. There are several orchestras and ensembles that consist of the students of Middle and Elementary School, such as "China Children Symphony Orchestra," "Children Traditional Instruments Orchestra," "Children Chorus," "Children Chamber Ensemble," "Children Brass Ensemble." They have visited many countries in South-Eastern Asia, Europe, and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan regions. Their performances are heap praised by the audiences in abroad, and promoted national culture and strengthen the relationship between school and other instituts in abroad. Through the activities, the students improved their music accomplishment, practiced their performing ability. At the same time, the students presented the outstanding achievements of Chinese professional music education to the people in abroad.   

The Middle School affiliated to CCOM was based on the Young Children Class of National Conservatory of Music in Qingmuguan, Chongqing, established in 1945 (which was moved to Changzhou, Jiangsu). The class, with the National Conservatory of Music together, was incorporated into the Central Conservatory of Music in 1950, and was named as Juvenile Class affiliated to CCOM. On June 1st, 1957, the Juvenile Class was formally established and named as Middle School affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music. During the fifty years, under the care of the CCOM's leadership, the middle school has grown into certain educational scale and developed towards a modernized and globalized direction. Along with the dawn of the new century, the middle school of CCOM entered a golden age with leaping development. A modernized new campus that represented the international level in the twenty-first century has been completed in 2001 and applied into service since then. Today, the school has become a specialized music school that centralized teaching function and integrated performance, composition, and academic research at the same time. It has represented special Chinese features and gained certain international influences, and being called "a cradle of musicians." The staff of the school is exerting every effort for developing the Middle School of CCOM into a world well-known professional music school.


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