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Musicology Department

The Musicology Department of CCOM was established in September, 1956. It is the first musicology department among all the music and arts conservatories in China. Musicology department has formed a relatively integrated teaching system and a research group with the most centralized academic power through fifty years of hard work. The musicology department was approved as the authorized institute for granting master degree in 1982 and the authorized institute for granting doctoral degree in 1988 by Academic Degree Committee of the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China.

The musicology department always leads the construction and development of musicological discipline on the aspects of academic subject construction, curriculum, faculty team, and academic research. It is an important teaching and research base of musicological discipline in China.  Musicology Department consists of six teaching and research groups (the history of Chinese music, the theory of Chinese traditional and folk music, the history of Western music, music aesthetics, World music theory, and music art management) and five research studios (multi-media teaching studio, Buddhist music culture research studio, music psychology research studio, laboratory for ethnomusicological research, and World music instruments training center). The certificate issuing body for distance learning of CCOM's Distance Education College is included in the musicology department as well. The curriculum offered by the department has over 80 courses. Some of the theoretical courses are established exclusively among all music conservatories in China. The main courses of the musicology department (include the history of Western music, the history of Chinese music, Chinese traditional and folk music, world music, and music aesthetics) are applied multi-media teaching system. During five decades, the faculty of musicology department makes great efforts on academic research and obtains fruitful achievements. Since it was established in 1950s, the faculty and the department have published books, textbooks, and papers almost 10000 albums. Many academic achievements filled up gaps in the construction of musicology discipline and have been applied by other conservatories.

The first Chair of musicology department was Zhang Hongdao (term of office: 1956-1984); the second Chair was Lan Yusong (term of office: 1984-1987); the third Chair was Huang Xiaohe (term of office: 1987-1990); the forth Chair was Zhong Zilin (term of office: 1990-1993); the fifth Chair was Yuan Jingfang (term of office: 1994-2001). The present Chair is Zhang Boyu (term of office: 2002- ).

Now, the faculty team of musicology department includes 26 professors, 7 associate professors, 1 lecturer, and 1 teaching assistant. There are 24 doctoral student advisors and 30 master advisors among them.

The professors who enjoy the national special allowance are Yu Runyang, Zhang Qian, Yuan Jingfang (female), Huang Xiaohe, Zhong Zilin, Pan Bixin, and Li Yinghua (female).

Up to 2007, there are totally 244 students studying in musicology department, which include106 undergraduate students in musicology major, 32 undergraduate students in art management major, 60 master students, 46 doctoral students, and 8 students in special academic degree program.

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