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Voice & Opera Department

The Voice and Opera Department of CCOM combines teaching and performance functions. It provides five-year undergraduate program and three-year graduate program. The department includes three teaching groups: vocal, piano accompanying and opera coaching, and acting. The faculty of Voice and Opera Department with numerous potentials has total 34 members, which include 21 vocal teachers. The professors are Guo Shuzhen, Li Xinchang, Zhang Liping, Hei Haitao, Ma Honghai, Wang Xianlin, Liu Dong, Zhao Dengying, Peng Kangliang, Cheng Da, Yuan Chenye; the distinguished vocal professors include Zhang Jianyi (U.S.A.), Zhu Meilan (U.S.A.); the visiting professor Wang Xiufen. The associate professors of vocal teaching group include Sun Dongfang, Huang Li, Ye Peiying; lecturers are Yang Xiaoping, Lu Wei, Sun Yuanyuan; assistant teaching Xie Tian. The piano accompanying and opera coaching group has 10 teachers, which include professors Hu Shixi, Zhao Bixuan, Zhang Huiqin; associate professor Wang Yunxi; lecturers Zhang Jialin, Zhao Yujie, Wei Wei, Wang Nannan; assistant teaching Jian Lu; and the distinguished professor Wu Long (U.S.A.). The acting teaching group has three teachers, which include associate professor Qiao Lumin, assistant teaching Wang Hui and Xu Xiaopeng. The Voice and Opera Department is the authorized institute for granting master degree approved by Academic Degree Committee of the State Council of PRC, and has 12 master advisors on vocal major and 4 master advisors on piano accompanying and opera coaching major.

Now, the department has total 186 undergraduate students and 19 graduate students.

The required major courses include vocal, chorus, opera acting, body shaping, singing diction, history of vocal and opera art, acting basis. The required fundamental courses include piano, fundamental Italian, fundamental German, fundamental French, sight-singing and ear-training, harmony, music form and analysis, Chinese traditional music, history of Chinese music, history of Western music, vocal mechanism and voice protection.

The Voice and Opera Department was established in 1950. Since the establishment, the department has cultivated numerous outstanding vocalists and opera singers and some of them have stepped on the music stages of world-renowned opera houses. Some of the distinguished vocalists come back from abroad and join the faculty of department in recent years which straightened the potentials of the team. The professors and students of voice and opera department have achieved many awards and honors in the competitions at home and abroad. In addition, the faculty members are constantly invited to serve on the judging panel of many musical competitions, to visit and give lectures and performances all over the world. Their activities are well received by the participants. There is the Youth Chorus of CCOM affiliated to the department that consists of outstanding students and some of professors. In recently years, the Chorus participates in many important performances sponsored by CCTV and other social organizations frequently. The department always pay great attention to cultivate students' comprehensive professional accomplishment and technique through rehearsing and performing operas acted by the students. They have performed Regret for the Past, Cosi Fan Tutte, Le Nozze di Figaro, La Boheme, La Traviata, Rigoletto, Carmen, La clemenza di Tito, Die Zauberfl?te, Madame Butterfly, etc. in the school and in public, and are well received by the audiences.

At the beginning of the establishment, the Voice and Opera Department was called Vocal Department and the Chair was Professor Yu Yixuan. In 1977, some of the professors separated from the faculty of vocal department and found opera department. The Chair was Professor Du Li. In 1984, the vocal department and opera department reunited again and found voice and opera department, and the leadership consists of Shen Xiang, Jiang Ying, Guo Shuzhen, Li Xinchang. Professor Shen Xiang was the acting Chair. In 1986, Prfessor Li Xinchang became the Chair. From 2001 to 2004, the leadership of department consists of Liu Dong and Ma Honghai, and the Vice Chair Liu Dong acted the work. From 2005 to now, the leadership consist of Professor Zhang Liping (Chair), Hei Haitao and Ma Honghai (Vice Chairs and Secretary of Party Branch).

The department aims at cultivating high quality vocal talents for China, and also pays attention to improve the students' artistic accomplishment. Many outstanding graduates of the department have performed actively on the music stage and worked in well-known opera houses. In addition, the department consistently enriches and strengthens the faculty team over the decades. 

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